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A curated list of links I’ve found interesting, helpful or simply amusing…

  • I don’t want to log in to your website – The Verge

    There is a new trend among websites where they want my email address before I’m allowed to read their free content. While I sympathize with the struggles of the media business, I am just going to point out something obvious: not reading is easier than reading — and way easier than logging in.

    Every time a site pops one of these sign-up forms in my face two seconds after I start reading, I just close the page and never come back. This tactic is obnoxious. I bet there’s fewer people who sign up through these forms than there are like me, who simply close the browser window/tab and never bother to return.

  • Introducing Twitterrific! • The Breakroom

    Today, we are pleased to announce the release of a brand new software product – Twitterrific. Over the past month or so, the workers have discovered the joys of Twitter.

    I joined Twitter specifically because of Twitterific from the Icon Factory. I’m so sad, and pissed, that the dickhead running that shit show now decided to kill API access to third-party clients. A week or two ago, I had a sneaking suspicion this was about to happen.

    Thank you to the Icon Factory, Tapbots, and all the other developers who worked so hard to create awesome macOS and iOS clients. They dealt with much shit from Twitter over the years, but the final stab was a total dick move to them and their customers.

    I’ve decided to put Twitter down for a while and move to Mastodon. Hopefully, a day will come when the bird site is functional again, but not for me under the current half-assed management.

  • MarsEdit 5 Public Beta – Red Sweater Blog

    I’m excited to share that MarsEdit 5, the next major upgrade to the desktop Mac blog editing app, will be officially released in about two weeks! I am still tying up some loose ends but I want to share an early peek with any users who want to give some of the new features a look…

    I was excited to read of the new micro post feature that’s been added to MarsEdit 5. As I move away from social media and focus more on my blog, I know I’ll be using the feature a ton.

  • Twitter is Going Great!

    Twitter is Going Great! … and is definitely not making decisions just to stroke Elon Musk’s delicate ego.

    If you’ve not been following any of the Twitter stupidness since Elon Musk took over (or have been), this site is a great synopsis of the lame decisions and actions of the new owner. Many of the reasons on the site are why I’ve left after 15 years. Twitter was the one social media platform I had hope for, but it’s just become a cesspool of fascist hate speech. I want no part of this crap.

  • Personal brand is a stupid concept – Manu

    I have nothing against the concept of being famous which is quite a normal thing but I do have a problem with the idea of wanting to become famous just for the sake of it. And treating yourself as a brand, curating your internate image doesn’t change the fact that you’re still a normal person like everybody else.

    Just like Manu, I’ve struggled with the whole personal brand concept. Working in the Salesforce ecosystem as I do, a lot of effort has to be put into your brand to stand out. I’ve seen people burn out and fade away because of it. I tried for a while myself, but realized being a “brand” is not important to just being me.

  • Links and webrings – Manu

    Solution number two is embrace randomness. As you may or may not know I run a small project called The Forest where you can get random sites suggested to you. But it’s far from being the only site of that kind. is another good one. Or if you’re in a silly mood give a try.

    Tired of browsing the same old stuff on the web? Try one of the sites Manu links to in his post above. I’ve found interesting content that made me think about opinions I had on more than one topic. It’s definitely worth the click if you’re bored with the “same old same old” in your RSS feed.

  • Mimi Hearing Test

    The Mimi Hearing Test is a hearing adjustment curve based on psychophysics. These technologies were introduced only recently, so you get a unique test. Throughout the test, you will determine how well you can distinguish between the tones of sounds in a standard environment.

    I just discovered this iOS app when I wanted to see how my hearing between left and right ears differed due to my Meniere’s disease. It’s an amazingly simple app to set up and use. And best of all, it’s free.

  • Meniere’s Disease – Mayo Clinic

    Meniere’s disease is a disorder of the inner ear that can lead to dizzy spells (vertigo) and hearing loss. In most cases, Meniere’s disease affects only one ear.

    A good overview with symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatments for Meniere’s disease. This is a good place to start if you’re just learning about the condition.