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A curated list of links I’ve found interesting, helpful or simply amusing…

  • Apple’s AirPods can help the hearing impaired – MacDailyNews

    Apple’s AirPods offer a range of features that can be particularly helpful for people with hearing impairment. With its amplification capabilities, personalized audio settings, noise cancellation, Live Listen, phone call streaming, and speech recognition features, AirPods can help those with hearing loss stay connected and engaged with the world around them.

    Having recently picked up a pair of AirPod Pros, I’ve been able to dial in a personalized audio setting that works great for me in the open office I work in. Before, when it got noisy, I couldn’t make out someone talking to me. Now, I can hear the conversation clearly. This really is an awesome feature.

  • Don’t forget to floss: the science behind dementia and the four things you should do to prevent it | Science | The Guardian

    Which single intervention could reduce dementia risk the most? The answer is one that even some researchers find surprising: preventing hearing loss. Globally, hearing impairment is believed to account for about 8% of dementia.

    My Ménière’s Disease diagnosis puts me at high risk of hearing loss. This is interesting and a little concerning to say the least.

  • Radical Castle : Christopher Wigginton : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    An adventure game made in World Builder, the system also used by the Ert series, the Ray’s Maze series and the original versions of the Lucy’s Worlds series. Both typed commands and point-and-click are used. Many important commands are listed under the Commands and Weapons menus.

    I wasted hours on this game, but never did get to the end. I always seemed to die at the same place.

  • Unexpected benefits of letting go – Minimalism Life

    As I manage the ongoing excess that comes into my life, I am reminded about what is most essential, including the people, things, and experiences that are most meaningful to me.

    It’s all about letting go…

  • I hate internal linking – Manu

    If you write content for the web, please, link to other websites as much as you can because that’s the best way to help other people discover great content.

    The only time I will link to my own content is when it’s relevant to the point I’m trying to get across in a post. To me, internal linking is lazy and not what the web is supposed to be.

  • Hitoki Saber review: it’s a laser bong – The Verge

    It’s a bong. There are lasers. I could not be clearer about what this is.

    Good grief. Really? I haven’t been into smoking dope since I was a teen, but this seems a little over the top maybe?

  • Infinite Mac

    Infinite Mac is a collection of classic Macintosh system releases and software, all easily accessible from the comfort of a (modern) web browser.

    This site brings back so many memories. I’ve been a Mac user since the early System 6.0 days, so getting to play with earlier releases is a treat.

  • Twitter is dying | TechCrunch

    It almost doesn’t matter if this is deliberate sabotage by Musk or the blundering stupidity of a clueless idiot. The upshot is the same: Twitter is dying.

    Elon Musk’s running (or is it ruining?) of Twitter has shown the world what I pretty much knew all along — he’s a pompous ass who knows less than half as much as he thinks he knows.

  • Caffeinate.applescript by superpixel

    A very simple graphical user interface for /usr/bin/caffeinate written in AppleScript.

    Here’s a cool AppleScript solution for keeping your Mac awake to perform long running tasks. As always, use it with FastScripts from Red Sweater to have right in the menubar.

  • How to save iPhone battery by automatically turning off Wi-Fi in iOS 16 | AppleInsider

    You can have your iPhone turn off Wi-Fi by itself, or change just about any setting, whenever you leave home or come back. Here’s how to do it.
    Apple has included a way for your iPhone to register that you’ve left home, or any specific place. It’s through a Shortcut automation action, which means once you’ve set it up, you can have your iPhone do anything that Shortcuts allows — just by leaving somewhere or returning.

    I always knew that leaving WiFi enabled when you were away from a trusted network was draining your battery, but I never considered the use case of iOS Shortcuts as a way to automatically disable it when moving from place to place. I trust two WiFi hotspots only – home and work. Everywhere else, I won’t connect, so no need to have it active.