iPhone Minimal Dockless Wallpaper for iOS

Photo credit: Tyler Lastovich

As someone who ascribes to a minimalist mindset and hates superfluous design, it’s always bugged me that Apple feels iOS needs a dock outline for icons at the bottom of the home screen.

With the four icons I choose to keep on my home screen, I find it visually distracting to have an outline around them. So, I decided to make a minimal iPhone and iPad wallpaper that will cancel out the dock when using iOS dark mode, which is my preferred mode.

This is what my iOS 16 minimalist setup looks like for lock and home screens:

iOS 16 Screenshots

I use the lock screen widgets for Fantastical and Things to add an event or task quickly, which has been very handy.

If you’re running iOS 16 and like the look of my setup, you can download the wallpaper, add it to your photos and then set as your wallpaper. Just keep in mind you need to be running dark mode on your iOS device.